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Photos @ Zoo'08
Saturday, August 30, 2008
12:26 PM

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Singapore Firework Celebration 2008 @ Marina Bay!
Wednesday, August 27, 2008
9:08 PM

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fireworks <3
Friday, August 15, 2008
9:18 PM

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9:05 PM


Saturday, September 22, 2007
11:08 PM
YES YES YES. I'm back blogging, you guys must be wondering..

Well, I'm back to make a short post.

Firstly, yeah, I'm going to speak more about my Darling xD.
My relationship with her is gettin' better as everyday pass by, so lovin' eh? :P

Secondly, my exam results dropped. That's the sad part.

Thirdly, my working place have been totally revamped. And, it's now called Fairprice Finest.
Totally AWE-some. First high-class Fairprice branch. :D

Lastly, I shall quote something what my Darling had posted earlier in my blog, it's so sweet and touching!! Love her just the way she loves me! :D

Quote: "I juz feel so lucky to meet my darling. i have never regret choosen this path to be with my darling,NEVER!I m willing to wait for u when u go NS,this is because our hearts are tgt,no matter how far u are,my heart will forever be yours.ONLY U.This is a promise."

My Darling is just my baby forever! :D

Well, I shall end my posting for now.

Take care peeps!
And, do envy us. :P

Sunday, July 29, 2007
11:11 AM

50s of fireworks (:

Courtesy of Darling's sister.

Friday, June 22, 2007
12:03 PM

I'm back to blog! Yes yes yes, you must be wondering where I've gone to.

1) Overseas
2) Going out with my beloved Darling. :P
3) Lazy. LOL.

Well, I'm going to start blogging more often now!

First of all,
I want to blog some events about my Genting trip.

My darling and I had to be seperated for 4 days. IMAGINE THAT?!

When I was over @ Genting, my mind was all about her. I even buy stuff just for her, leaving insufficient money for my own stuff. Hehe :) That doesn't matter, as long we're happy, and of course, getting her to smile!

[ She naturally smiles when she sees me :P ]

Here are the brief photos to show you people what I've bought for my beloved Darling:

1) Mini T-shirt

2) Dolphin key chain charms

[Picture currently not available]

And, most importantly, my Dearest also bought me stuff when I'm away! *woohoo*

1) Fantasia men's perfume o.o

2) Precious moment's greeting card. [ There's text on it, shall not reveal the text :P ]

There, summary of Genting.

Secondly, it was my birthday on the 15th June.
It was my 1st birthday celebrations with Darling, and she made it a real good one for me. Fantastic in fact.

In actual fact, we watched "Fantastic 4 - The rise of the silver surfer" on that very day! :)

I shall not further eleborate on my happy day :P
It's memories between my Darling and I, hehe.

These are what my Darling bought for me, I'll CHERISH them so much!

1) Espirit leather wallet.

2) Chocz chocolates x4.

3) Precious moments' "YUN LOVE CLIFF" frame.

I'd like to thank my Yunyun so much! :) Muacks!

After our celebrations, I brought my Darling home to have a family dinner with my parents @ Sakura.

It was delightful to see my parents and us sitting down for a dinner, chit chatting :)

I had the greatest moments on the 15th.

Well people, I'll stop for here now. I'll come out with better posts in near future!
School's starting, GLHF. :(

I'll have better and greater moments with my friends, and My Beloved Dearest Darling :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
12:46 PM